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2013 Workshops and Speakers

Workshop Name

Description Trainer
June 17 - Funder Panel Workshop (2:00 - 4 PM)

Are You in the Know? Insider Grantmaking Strategies from a Funder Panel


This advanced course is only available to conference registrants that have attended the RPD Telling Your Story pre-training

You’ve learned how to tell your nonprofit story. You are ready for the RPD funder roundtables. Are you in the know on what’s next? Join CRC and Western Colorado State University for a two-hour funder panel focused on insider tips and tricks for communicating your story to foundation staff in a grant proposal. Program officers from six Front Range foundations will share grant proposal suggestions focused on knowing your funder, knowing your opportunity, knowing your neighbor and knowing your outcomes. Panel members include foundation members representing the Anschutz Family Foundation; A.V. Hunter Trust; Boettcher Foundation; The Colorado Trust; El Pomar; and, the Kenneth King Foundation.

Panel Members

Kumella Aiu

Matt Carpenter
Julie Lerudis
Barbara Howie

Jennie Miller

Laurel Petralia
Abel Wurmnest



Maria Fabula

Brian Krill

June 18 - Guest Speaker (9:00 - 9:45 AM)

Making it all Work ... Building Powerful Partnerships for Lasting Solutions

Creativity is doing something different, new, innovative, something never done before. Success comes from actually implementing these new solutions. Look beyond the doors and windows of your office and climb out the comfort box to solve community challenges in a new and bold way. Look to all sectors for new ideas and potential solutions. Don’t let the “same way thinking” paralyze your ability to collaborate and create new partnerships to solve problems. Let’s climb out the box, begin to generate new ideas and share successful strategies that will energize your organization and community.


Sue Hansen

June 18 - Community Solutions Workshops (10:00 - 11:30 AM)

Effective Leadership to Affect Change

How can the region more effectively coordinate and provide professional development and training to existing and emerging leaders?


Tim Schultz

Boettcher Foundation

Mark Rikkers

Affordable Housing

It is not uncommon for residents of the region to spend 50% or more of their income on housing. What can be done across the region to develop strategies for affordable housing?

Matt Carpenter

El Pomar Foundation



Illene Roggensack

Access to Health Care and Mental Health Services

What technologies, collaborations and resources would be most effective in improving the quality of and access to health care and mental health services across the region?

Chris Wiant

Caring for Colorado Foundation



Noelle Hagan

Education Continuum from Cradle to Career

How can the region ensure an effective educational continuum from cradle (early childhood education) to career (workforce development)?


Susan Steele

Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation


Bill Fowler

Daniels Fund



Dev Carey

Multiuse Transportation Support

How can the region’s isolated communities work collaboratively to develop multi-use transportation solutions that overcome geography, generation and income gaps?

Debbie Jessup

Anschutz Family Foundation



April Montgomery

Dev Carey

Senior Care

The region faces an aging population of locals and an influx of retirees. How can we work together to provide the essential senior care this sector requires? How are they an untapped resource?

Barbara Howie

A.V. Hunter Trust



Sue Hansen

Nonprofit Capacity Building Session #1 (1:00 PM - 2:00 PM)

Reviewing Financial Statements, Level 1

What is a "Profit and Loss" Report? What is a" Budget to Actual" Report? What is a "Balance Sheet"? How can I present financial information to my board and other constituents in an accurate, efficient and understandable manner? This session will help you answer all these questions and present basic techniques and strategies for understanding and presenting financial data in a nonprofit organization. This session is intended for anyone involved with a nonprofit that would like to learn more about how to review and present financial statements and budgets. Participants will take away skills and develop techniques specific to basic financial reporting and presentation.

Hegeman & Drewnowski, PC












Social Entrepreneurship and Earned Income Strategies

What is social entrepreneurship? What resources may be developed beyond donations and grants? What opportunities are out there for nonprofits to pursue earned income? This session will present an "out of the box" approach to resource development. Participants will learn about the growing sector of social entrepreneurship, as well as alternate techniques for generating resources for their organization.

Carol Giffin-Jeansonne

Board Chair and Executive Staff Relations

The working relationship established between the Board President and the Executive leadership of a nonprofit organization is both complex and vital to success. How can this relationship be best established? Are there certain strategies and structures that can help facilitate and strengthen this relationship? What are some of the pitfalls of this relationship? What are the roles and responsibilities of the Board President? The Executive Director? How can you clarify these roles and responsibilities to best suit your organization and your mission? This session will explore these questions and present solutions for this complex relationship, especially for smaller or medium-sized rural nonprofits with "working" boards and smaller staffs.


Josh Gowans

Grow a Successful Board of Directors

What does it mean to have a strategically diverse Board? What is a "Board Matrix" and how is it used? How do you build a board from scratch? or restructure a new, inactive, or ineffective Board? What structures and strategies can increase Board accountability? These are some of the most important questions rural nonprofits face. The development of a strong, active and accountable board is the key to success, and one of the greatest challenges. Participants will walk away with tried and true methods for growing a Board of Directors that is strategically diverse, represents the necessary expertise and demographics appropriate for the organization, and is accountable to the success of the organization's mission.


Noelle Hagan

Fundraising in Challenging Times with New Techniques "Times are Tight," "The economy is stagnant," "Donors have taken a huge hit," "There's just not as much funding out there." We have all heard this over the last several years. This session will discuss how to break through this negativity and the excuses we use with regards to fundraising in difficult times. New and creative approaches to fundraising will be presented. Approaching the fundraising process from a perspective of "PLENTY" vs. a perspective of "SCARCITY" is very important - especially in challenging times. This session will present how to think "outside the box" and create successful fundraising strategies under any conditions.

Chris Yates
Using the Common Grant Application (CGA) Effectively for Rural Organizations Are you intimidated by the CGA? Not sure your smaller rural nonprofit meets the criteria of the funder? Having trouble running your budget numbers, presenting your outcomes, or describing your organization, projects or programs in a way that truly represents the work of your organization? Is your organization struggling to implement and represent evaluation methods? This session will not only walk you through the CGA, but it will also address techniques specific to rural nonprofits for stronger proposals. Participants will take away a better understanding of how to approach the CGA, how to write a winning proposal, and what organizational growth and change may correspond with the individual sections of the CGA.

Crissy Supples
April Montgomery
Barn Raising – Talk to the Capital Campaign Experts Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall when funders were reviewing your grant? Do you wish you just new the magic words to put in your application? Whether you are an experienced grant writer or a beginner, this moderated panel of Colorado funders will provide you with tips for writing your next application, provide you with inside information about what funders are looking for, and serve as an overview for writing your next Grant application.

Lisa Flores
Making the Ask

Is there still a lot of fear surrounding the fundraising process?  Are you avoiding ASKING?  Are you reluctant to ASK for other types of support for yourself and your organization? This session will inspire you to build a habit of asking and put the “ASK" in a whole new light. You will apply sales techniques and learn to sell to donor values and build meaningful relationships with donors.

Marilyn Laverty
Internet Marketing & Social Media For Non-Profits This session will help you to get started with the development of a social media plan for your non-profit organization. We'll also show you how to best use the most popular social media sites for engaging your donor base.

Jim Berkowitz
Marketing and Branding on a Shoestring This workshop is designed to help organizations make the most of their marketing budgets, especially when budgets are lean and communities are smaller. We will cover low-cost marketing strategies that will get your customer’s attention as well as strategies for branding your organization and targeting specific customers.

Ashley King
Strategic Planning and Succession Planning How do organizations go from point A to point B efficiently and effectively over several years? How can we ensure our resources and efforts are all working toward the same goals? What is most important in designing and implementing a strategic plan? Why does our strategic plan sit on the shelf and collect dust? What is succession planning and why is it important? This session will present and discuss the basics regarding strategic planning and succession planning.

Brian Krill

Nonprofit Capacity Building Session #2 (2:30 - 3:30 PM)

Key Strategies for Effective Nonprofit Management

How should nonprofits best manage their finances, book-keeping and cash flow? This session will go over best principles and practices for financial management in a nonprofit organization, including key elements of the Sarbanes-Oxley act which governs financial practices and governance in all corporations - including nonprofits. Participant will gain a better understanding of the standards of financial management and reporting, the roles and responsibilities of the board, business managers and executive directors. Further, participants will take away techniques that they can implement in their organization with regards to financial management, policies and procedures.

Marilyn Laverty












Advance Budgeting and Finance for Nonprofits

How do nonprofits go beyond basic budgets and reporting? How do we use our budgeting and financial practices to represent a more strategic approach? How can nonprofits manage investments, related business income, unrelated business income, and other advanced financial opportunities? This session will explore the principles and practices involved with advanced budget and finance. This session is intended for business managers, finance committee chairs or members, executive directors, or other board or nonprofit staff members interested in taking their organization's financial strategy and planning to the next level. Participants will take away advanced skills and techniques that will help them develop more advanced financial strategies.


Dalby and Wendland

Insight from the Best and Brightest Boards

Have you struggled with tough board of director issues and situations? Have you ever wondered what makes the best boards click? Have you ever wanted to ask questions about boards and board dynamics that you cannot ask or address with your own board? Well, we all have! This session will consist of a facilitated panel discussion with some of the best and brightest board members from the Western Slope representing big and small organizations, community foundations, and boards from throughout the nonprofit sector. Participants will get to ask this panel the toughest questions they can think of regarding governance and board dynamics - and get instant, informed answers based on the real experiences of the panelists. Participants will gain practical and theoretical insights as to how to handle tough board and governance issues.


Todd Brown

Daniel Feldman

Kelvin Kent

Connie Kelly



Brian Krill

Developing a Diverse yet Feasible Funding Strategy

There are literally hundreds of ways to raise funds as a nonprofit organization. Smaller and medium-sized rural nonprofits need to design a resource development plan that is efficient and feasible to implement. With limited development staffing, and limited resources, nonprofits must focus on the fundraising opportunities that will produce the most "bang for the buck." As they build capacity and find success with certain fundraising methods, they can maintain these efforts and then develop mew ones. Are your fundraising strategies feasible? Are you trying to implement too many diverse fundraising methods with limited success? How "mature" is your organization and what step-by-step approaches can you take toward building a feasible funding strategy? These questions will be discussed and answered in this session. Participants will take away a specific map for how to develop a feasible funding strategy for their organization.


Illene Roggensack

The Match Game: How to Find the Right Funders for Your Organization How do you find the perfect funder match for your organization or project? How do you avoid wasting time writing unsuccessful grant applications? Is there an easier way to weed through all the information and funding websites in order to find potential funding matches. This workshop will provide an overview on how to effectively use the Colorado Grants Guide, making efficient searches and knowing what to look for in a perfect funding match. Participants will gain tips for narrowing funding searches and ensuring that their grant applications fit within a funder's mission.

Community Resource Center
Gi Moon (Co-Presenter)
Capitalizing on the Latest Trends in Philanthropy and Giving What do local, state-wide and national trends in philanthropy and giving indicate? How should we adjust our methods to reflect these trends? This session will present the latest data and research with respect to philanthropy and giving. Participants will walk away with concrete facts on local, state and national levels. Participant will be able to better anticipate how Philanthropy and Giving are changing not only now, but in the coming years. This will help organizations adjust and adapt their fundraising methods to meet the times.

Renny Fagan
What Grant Funders are Looking for in a Winning Common Grant Application Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall when funders were reviewing your grant? Do you wish you just knew the magic words to put in your application? Whether you are an experienced grant writer or a beginner, this moderated panel of Colorado funders will provide you with tips for writing your next application, provide you with inside information about what funders are looking for, and serve as an overview for writing your next Colorado Common Grant application.  

Lisa Flores
Melanie Hall
Ben Haughton
Advanced Social Media For Nonprofits This session will explore internet marketing and social media networking best practice and technology. Specifically, we will look at the tools and techniques for building a non-profit organization's web presence as well as a loyal donor base.

Jim Berkowitz
Applying Small Business Practices to your Nonprofit Nonprofits are businesses? YES, they are just businesses operating under a different tax code and with a charitable mission. How can we be sure that we are operating our nonprofits as efficient businesses? What can we learn from the for-profit business sector, and what methods make small businesses successful? How can nonprofits take a more entrepreneurial approach to their projects and organization? This session will discuss and present ways to run your nonprofit with more of a "small-business" mentality. Participants will identify how their organization can increase efficiency and effectiveness by implementing tried and true small business practices, while also developing more entrepreneurial opportunities

Jeff Owsley
Evaluating Program Outcomes and Measuring Results

Do you believe that only Physics majors, statisticians, and Mr. Spock find Logic Models useful? Think again!

This session will help you create clear and measurable outcome statements, select relevant indicators, and show how YOU can make data collection pay off by cleverly reporting your results.

Julie Hinkson
Fundraising in Challenging Times with New Techniques "Times are Tight," "The economy is stagnant," "Donors have taken a huge hit," "There's just not as much funding out there." We have all heard this over the last several years. This session will discuss how to break through this negativity and the excuses we use with regards to fundraising in difficult times. New and creative approaches to fundraising will be presented. Approaching the fundraising process from a perspective of "PLENTY" vs. a perspective of "SCARCITY" is very important - especially in challenging times. This session will present how to think "outside the box" and create successful fundraising strategies under any conditions.

Nicole Pieterse
Michael Hockersmith
Beth Appleton

April Montgomery
Best Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Colorado
Do you keep a copy of the Colorado Nonprofit Association's "Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Colorado" on your desk and refer to it often? Are your organization's Board Members familiar with best practices for nonprofits? Well, if not, then you may want to attend this workshop and familiarize yourself with the Colorado Nonprofit's Association's second addition of Principles & Practices, including new sections on communications and information technology. This workshop, taught by staff from the Colorado Nonprofit Association, will provide you with an overview of best practices for nonprofits, enabling your organization to demonstrate public accountability and transparency, legal compliance, excellent management practices and ethical conduct.

Londell D. Jackson, M.Ed.
Fundraising in Challenging Times with New Techniques "Times are Tight," "The economy is stagnant," "Donors have taken a huge hit," "There's just not as much funding out there." We have all heard this over the last several years. This session will discuss how to break through this negativity and the excuses we use with regards to fundraising in difficult times. New and creative approaches to fundraising will be presented. Approaching the fundraising process from a perspective of "PLENTY" vs. a perspective of "SCARCITY" is very important - especially in challenging times. This session will present how to think "outside the box" and create successful fundraising strategies under any conditions.

Chris Yates


Speakers & Presenters:

Jim Berkowitz: Jim is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry analyst and technology consultant who, over the past 30 years, has assisted hundreds of organizations plan for, select and succeed with technology designed to get, keep and grow customers. In addition, as an Internet Marketing and Social Media Consultant, Jim provides web site design and development as well as internet marketing and social media management services to small businesses and celebrities in Telluride, Colorado and beyond. Jim also teaches Internet Marketing and Social Media Management classes for the University Centers of The San Miguel (UC San Miguel). As an active member of the Telluride community, Jim has served on the Boards of KOTO-fm, TellurideARTS and The Telluride Jazz Festival and currently serves as the Board President of UC San Miguel. Jim also volunteers his time generously to many local non-profits and is "DJ Jimmy Jazz" on KOTO-fm's Telluride Jazz Beat radio show.

Todd Brown Todd has extensive experience in supply chain, manufacturing, quality and operational management. He was the President & COO for UniquePak and BIOTA Brands of America. Previous to that he ran the entire supply chain for a $1B division of Sarah Lee and held full P&L responsibility for Sarah Lee Bakery Group with sales of $350M. Todd is currently a business coach for ASAP Accounting & Payroll in Telluride. He currently serves numerous boards in the Telluride region, including the Telluride Historical Museum, the Main Street Enhancement Task Force, Telluride Theatre, Eco Action Partners, and the Telluride Merchants Association.

Dev Carey One of Dev's favorite activities is facilitating diverse people and ideas into common ground and united action, and he used that skill to found "Vision", The High Desert Center for Sustainable Studies, and other educational programs. He currently works for the Conservation District as District Manager, as a life coach, and as a staff for Unschool Adventures.

Matt Carpenter Matt began working at El Pomar Foundation in 1999 and currently directs the grants office and is the deputy director of El Pomar’s Regional Partnerships. Matt earned a B.S. in Political Science from the United States Air Force Academy and serves as an Air Force Intelligence Officer. Matt also has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, with an emphasis on nonprofit management.

Maria Fabula: Maria, Director of Programs for the Community Resource Center, brings more than 16 years of experience in nonprofit management, fund development and volunteer engagement to increase nonprofit capacity. She has spent a majority of her career connecting government agencies, nonprofit organizations and private enterprises to improve community. Maria’s style is collaborative, inclusive and results-oriented. Maria earned a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California at San Diego’s Revelle College. Her work experience includes leadership positions with the Nonprofit Support Center, the Junior Statesmen Foundation and the California State Senate.

Renny Fagan: Renny is president and CEO of the Colorado Nonprofit Association (CNA), whose membership includes 1,380 nonprofits and 122 businesses. CNA has 12 employees and an annual budget of $1.7 million.

Daniel Feldman: Daniel is the Owner and President of Leadership Performance Solutions, Inc., an organizational development consulting company that provides comprehensive leadership and team development, strategic planning, and facilitation services to private and non-profits organizations, and has delivered organization-wide transformation interventions to federal agencies. Daniel is a Certified Professional Facilitator by the International Association of Facilitators and is the author of The Handbook of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, The Manager’s Pocket Guide to Workplace Coaching, and Critical Thinking: Strategies for Decision Making.

Lisa Flores: Lisa works for the Gates Family Foundation as a senior program officer, focused on capital grant making and education initiatives. She lives in Denver with her family, which includes two rather large puppies: Stella and Stanley.

Janice Fritsch Janice is Vice President and the Board Secretary for the Kenneth King Foundation, a private foundation in Denver, Colorado. At the Foundation, Janice is responsible for grantmaking and is a member of the Board’s investment committee, charged with investing the Foundation’s $35m in assets.

Carol Giffin-Jeansonne: Dr. Giffin-Jeansonne has served as Executive Director of W. CO Area Health Education Center covering 13 counties of W.CO since 2005. She is an Organizational Development Professional focusing on education, management and leadership development and has worked with private and public organizations across the United States.

Josh Gowans: Currently the Executive Director of the historic Wright Opera House in Ouray, Colorado, Josh began work in the nonprofit sector while pursuing a graduate degree from the University of South Carolina by providing technology and process management services to various small businesses and not for profit organizations. In 2004, after merging his consultancy with a software development outfit based in Charleston, SC, he began providing marketing and donor management services via open source and web-based technologies. Along the way, Josh has been an Executive Director at two large nonprofit animal welfare organizations and has consulted with several other NPO's in various capacities, specifically with a focus on new program implementation, performance metrics and leadership development. He has been a part of three capital campaigns and has helped raise over 2 million in contributions since 2002.

Noelle Hagan: Noelle lives in Gunnison, Colorado and works throughout the Western Slope as an organizational capacity consultant and meeting facilitator for nonprofits and local governments. A graduate of Regis University with a degree in Communications, Noelle also serves as board president for the Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley, as a trustee for Western State Colorado University and as a member of the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation board.

Melanie Hall: Melanie serves as the Executive Director of the Montrose Community Foundation. Serving in this capacity for nearly six years has afforded many opportunities to appreciate, engage, and enable a strong, vibrant local community.

Sue Hansen: As a national speaker and consultant Sue challenges her clients to see things differently. With experience in the private sector as a business owner, in the non-profit world with her board service she is able to cross boundaries and bring the best of all worlds to solve problems in new ways. Sue lives and plays on the Western Slope and feels that if you’re lucky enough to live here, well you’re just lucky enough.

Ben Haughton: Born and raised in Montana, Ben has served as an El Pomar Fellow for one year. He is a grants associate for the Foundation, works in the Northwest and Pikes Peak Region of Colorado, directs the El Pomar Scholars Program, and is a staff member of the Police Foundation of Colorado Springs. He graduated with a degree BS in Business Administration from the University of Montana. Ben enjoys the outdoors, where he spends significant time climbing, biking, and camping. Melanie Hall: Melanie serves as the Executive Director of the Montrose Community Foundation. Serving in this capacity for nearly six years has afforded many opportunities to appreciate, engage, and enable a strong, vibrant local community.

Hegeman & Drewnowski, PC: A full-service accounting firm serving clients throughout Crested Butte and the Western Slope of Colorado, dedicated to providing clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs.

Julie Hinkson: Julie Hinkson has been employed by United Way of Mesa County for 15 years, five as Executive Director. Julie has over 25 years of experience in the nonprofit field, working in administration, volunteer management, training, board development, grant writing, grants administration, and evaluation. She also spent five tremendously fun years teaching enrichment classes, developing a breakfast reading program for at-risk students, and serving as community liaison at a small elementary school in Colorado Springs.

Michael Hockersmith: Michael has been a Colorado attorney since 1975, and in private practice with the Tisdel Law Firm, P.C. in Ouray since 1984. In that period of time he has represented numerous nonprofit and tax-exempt entities, from formation through dissolution. April Montgomery has worked as the Programs Director for the Telluride Foundation for six years, where she helps to manage their nonprofit building capacity efforts, grant program and initiatives. She has a law degree from the University of Virginia and is a member of the Colorado Bar.

Barbara Howie: Barbara Howie’s path to foundation management has been anything but typical. Barbara began her career in the construction trades—being the first woman in Florida to be inducted into the Carpenter’s Union. After moving to Denver, Barbara began volunteering at a local nonprofit organization. When her first attempt at grant writing proved successful, she left cabinetmaking behind and launched her second career—“professional fundraiser.” She obtained her CFRE credential and served on several nonprofit boards before crossing over to the funding side. After more than 20 years of writing successful grants, Barbara was hired as a Program Officer at the A.V. Hunter Trust in 2003 and appointed Executive Director in 2007.

Londell Jackson: Londell joined the Association in August 2012 and has been active in Colorado's nonprofit sector for more than 15 years. In his current role with the Association, Londell is responsible for developing, organizing, and presenting educational and training programs. As a Denver native, Londell has worked for various organizations throughout the Metro area that include the Gill Foundation, the Denver Employment Alliance, the National Endowment for Financial Education, and the Center for Work Education and Employment, as well as teaching for nonprofit studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Debbie Jessup: Prior to joining the Anschutz Family Foundation as Executive Director, Jessup served as Executive Director of the Colorado Starlight Children’s Foundation. In 2008 she retired from a long career in banking before finding her passion working in the nonprofit sector. Jessup currently serves as a Trustee of the Denver Zoo. She also served as a member of the board of directors for Junior Achievement, Denver Metro Chamber Foundation and the Kempe Foundation. She served on Governor Bill Owens Task Force for Transportation and Finance and is a graduate of the Leadership Denver program. She holds bachelor’s degrees in economics and communications from Denison University in Granville, Ohio.

Connie Kelly: Connie spent 24 years in the private sector as a Senior Consultant for the Franklin Covey Organization presenting to companies around the globe. She is currently serving on the Executive Board of Catholic Outreach in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Kelvin Kent: Kelvin's experiences include national level expedition logistics, a 16 year career as a British military commander and successful owner of three small businesses in the US. He has served on numerous boards and been president of a Rotary club and Chamber of Commerce. He has raised funds for many capital campaigns and led fundraisers for 30 years. His published books include one on fundraising, three on hiking and one on leadership. He lives in the San Juan Mountains in summer and southern Arizona in winter.

Ashley King: Ashley began her career in Gunnison with a five year term as Executive Director of the Gunnison Council for the Arts/Gunnison Arts Center, a 12,000 square foot nonprofit Community Arts Center that housed a multitude of arts opportunities and services for adults and children. Upon leaving Gunnison, Ashley worked with several nonprofits and government agencies in the Vail Valley including The Steadman-Hawkins Research Foundation, The Town of Gypsum, The Minturn Community Fund, and Co-Founded the Eagle Valley Artists Alliance. Ashley has also served as a PAN Advisor for the Colorado Creative Industries since 2005. In 2008, Ashley was brought in as the Executive Director of Weehawken Creative Arts. Weehawken Creative Arts is a nonprofit arts organization with programs in Ouray, Ridgway, Silverton and Montrose. Weehawken is a small organization that offers classes and workshops for adults and children year around utilizing a multitude of arts and personal growth subjects as well as several special events and festivals in Ouray County.

Brian Krill: After 10 years of experience as an administrator, teacher and coach at nonprofit independent schools, and a successful 7 years in sales, Brian was anxious to combine his life-long association with nonprofits and service, his degree in Philosophy, his Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management and his business experience in order to teach and inspire various nonprofits such that they can accomplish their missions and various projects with success. For nonprofits Brian has developed a broad spectrum of consulting services and a team of professionals which foster new patterns of thought along with providing practical strategies and solutions.

Marilyn Laverty: Marilyn Laverty heads up the Small Business Development Center at Western State Colorado University.  Her mission is to help small businesses not only survive, but go beyond the expected to thrive. Prior to joining the Western, Marilyn owned several businesses including a retail store and consulting and training firm and founded The Women’s Vision Leadership Institute.  Marilyn has served on non profit boards for over three decades and enjoys sharing solutions with board members and staff so they can tap into systems already successfully used by other organizations.

Julie Lerudis, CPA: Julie is the Director of the Grants Program at the Boettcher Foundation in Denver. She began her career with Coopers & Lybrand and has over 20 years’ experience in accounting and project management in the nonprofit, healthcare, and real estate sectors. She has served as a board member for four nonprofit organizations and frequently presents nonprofit financial management seminars throughout the State of Colorado.

April Montgomery April has worked as the Programs Director for the Telluride Foundation for six years, where she helps to manage their nonprofit building capacity efforts, grant program and initiatives. She has a law degree from the University of Virginia and is a member of the Colorado Bar.

Gi Moon: Gi has been involved with the not for profit industry for over 20 years. She has served on several non-profit boards, worked at various positions within the sector and brings a passion for meaningful works. Gi has combined a background in banking and finance with serving community and offers an understanding of how and when to bring federal funding to the smaller and rural non-profit organization.

Jeff Owsley: Jeff’s parents and both grandparents combined to found several of the longest lasting businesses on Main Street in Alamosa. The balance of his undergrad degree in business and his graduate degree in social work has carried on throughout his career, with an even split of nonprofit and for profit experience, including a 5 year stint overseas in Albania where he advised 3 levels of government to transition to the Free Enterprise System and helped many Albanians start small businesses. Currently, Jeff directs La Puente Enterprises and is leading a new initiative to bring sustainability to the San Luis Valley through micro enterprises.

Laurel Petralia: Laurel serves as a Program Officer for The Colorado Trust, a grantmaking foundation dedicated to improving access to health for all Coloradans. Petralia provides leadership and management of grantmaking strategies that address payment and health care system delivery reform, quality of care and rural health care access. Specifically, Petralia oversees the Colorado Health Professions Workforce Policy Collaborative and various workforce grants that address the shortage of health care providers in Colorado, with an emphasis on addressing Colorado’s primary care workforce issues. Prior to joining The Trust in 2004, Petralia served as Affiliate Director of Cardiovascular Programs for the American Heart Association and Senior Manager of Prevention Programs for the Colorado Prevention Center. Petralia earned a bachelor’s degree in food science and human nutrition at Colorado State University, and a master’s degree in business management and organizational leadership at Regis University.

Nicole Pieterse: Nicole graduated with honors from the University of Denver College of Law in 1995 and that summer moved to the West Slope to begin her legal career in the satellite office of a Denver firm. She is a founding partner of Russell & Pieterse, LLC, Telluride, Colorado, formed in 2003. Nonprofit work comprises a large portion of her law practice and she sits on several non-profit boards.

Mark Rikkers: Mark is the Executive Director at the dZi Foundation, a Colorado based 501 C3 and INGO that builds community and prosperity in the most remote regions of Nepal. He holds an MS in snow hydrology and EMBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Business Management, and his professional background is in independent high school education and avalanche forecasting.

Illene Roggensack: Illene is the owner of Third Sector Innovations, based in Grand Junction and offering resource development, grant writing, marketing, strategic planning and organizational development services. She has been involved in fundraising since 3rd grade when she rallied her class to buy a going-away gift for their expecting teacher, and has been an executive director, fundraising director, board member, volunteer and consultant for more than 27 years. This experience is coupled with an MBA, recognition as a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) and volunteer work as Past President for the Colorado Nonprofit Association and Grand Junction Lions Club.

Susan Steele Susan has helped guide Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation to prominence as a leader in early childhood development throughout the state of Colorado as its executive director. She serves on the Management Team for the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program at the University of Denver and as a member of the Executive Committee of Executives Partnering to Invest in Children (EPIC). Steele received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Northern Colorado and began her career as a middle school math teacher. After several years of teaching, she served in management and accounting positions for several family-owned businesses in Denver. Steele serves as secretary of the Colorado Association of Funders and coordinates the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative. She regularly gives informal presentations and consultations on the topics of early childhood and finance. The Foundation’s emphasis is on programs and initiatives for children, especially in the areas of early intervention, prevention, and improving the social and educational systems critical to the well-being of Colorado’s youngest citizens.

Crissy Supples: Crissy is recognized as an effective community liaison, with 14 years of experience of working in collaboration with a diversity of stakeholders to improve non-profit business processes and achieve results. As CRC’s Rural Philanthropy Days (RPD) Program Manager, she oversees programmatic efforts to connect Front Range foundations with community leaders in Colorado’s 51 non-metropolitan counties with the purpose of identifying, building capacity and funding solutions to the most pressing needs in the state’s rural areas. Crissy holds a Master’s degree from Duke University and a certificate in Nonprofit Management. 

Chris Wiant: Chris Wiant is presently the President and CEO of the Caring for Colorado Foundation. Caring for Colorado is a conversion foundation endowed with the proceeds of the 1999 sale of Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Colorado to Anthem Insurance. The Foundation manages assets of about $155 million and funds health care projects throughout Colorado. Prior to joining the Foundation, Dr. Wiant was the Executive Director of the Tri-County Health Department, serving nearly 1 million residents in Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas counties in Colorado.

Cindy Willard: A native of Colorado, Cindy has a broad background in corporate and foundation philanthropy. Her experience includes grantmaking, building collaborative partnerships, and organizational development. She is currently the interim VP of Community Initiatives and Investments at The Women’s Foundation of Colorado. In the past, she has held management positions at the Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation and The Denver Post. She also serves as Affiliate Faculty in the Regis University Nonprofit Management program and on numerous boards and committees throughout the state.

Abel Wurmnest: Abel is a Program Officer at the Anschutz Family Foundation. Previously, he served as Associate Director for the Colorado Association of Funders, building connections and strengthening philanthropy across the state. Earlier in his career, he worked as the Director of Student Activities and advisor to the Cultural Arts and Special Events board at San Diego State University. He had the honor of serving as president of the Illinois Association FFA and on the board of the Illinois FFA Foundation. Abel received his masters in post-secondary educational leadership from San Diego State University.

Chris Yates: Chris is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor/re-developer, private capital expert, social and spiritual activist, speaker, yogi, vegetarian, and wanna-be organic farmer. After spending a decade completing hundreds of complex real estate and business transactions using private and alternative funding sources, many of his own invention, Chris turned his attention to more community-centered projects and strategies including “Impact Investing”, “Crowdfunding”, and more. He, along with his wife and two young boys, moved to Paonia in March of 2011 seeking a more community-based and sustainable way of life. Since then, Chris has completed three commercial projects on the western slope, all of which utilized 100% in-state, private, community-based funding, including Studio Bija Yoga (and the upcoming Bija Spa), The Living Farm Café & Inn, and the new Paonia Business Center & Incubator.